12:12:12 – New Showcase Begins Next Week!

Welcome to 12:12:12.

12 months. 12 showcases in different venues. 12 zodiac signs.

Each month VANCORVID celebrates the strengths, themes and tones of the rising sign. Artists are invited to collaborate on a show of their choosing, or are welcome to apply. Photographers, videographers, graphic artists are invited and welcome. The intent of this showcase is to be multidisciplinary and immersive.

After 12:12:12 is complete, VANCORVID will commemorate the series in a collection of art, with permission of the artists. This will be in physical artwork and a video showcase to celebrate the work created along the way.

This will begin in Toronto, but will ideally showcase in both New York and Dublin, where possible. This would all be covered through Artery, and is flexible as to location.

This is the most ambitious showcase idea I have had yet, and I hope you can join me for at least some of it.

The wheel turns. Let us celebrate.

First show kicks it off this Friday through Artery, with Gemini, Hawthorn and Seahorse. Updates and details to follow! Very, very excited for this.


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